“It’s a metaphor,” I said, dubious. Mom was just idling.

“It’s a metaphor,” he said.

“You choose your behaviors based on their metaphorical resonances…” I said.

“Oh, yes.” He smiled. The big, goofy, real smile. “I’m a big believer in metaphor, Hazel Grace.”

Logan Lerman for ShortList Magazine 2014.


Words are life, Liesel. All those pages, they’re for you to fill.

People will look at the ashes of Westerburg and say, “Now there’s a school that self-destructed, not because society didn’t care, but because the school was society.” Now that’s deep.

Close your eyes. Close them. Now describe what you see. (Dead Poets Society 1989)

"Olive, you are the most beautiful girl in the whole world.” (Little Miss Sunshine, 2006)

Bubba was my best good friend.


365Films » The Book Thief (2013) - [86/365]

The only truth that I truly know is that I am haunted by humans.